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August 29, 2012
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Metal 101- The Nu-Metal kid by LusoSkav Metal 101- The Nu-Metal kid by LusoSkav
I was very much like this once.

After a few years as a metalhead, and many, many metal shows attended, i couldn't help but to notice the diferent archetypes and demographics in the metalhead culture that i kept coming across.
And since i never saw any kind of descriptive charts that accurately portrayed the metal subculture i so dearly know and love, i decided to do it myself!

So, based on people that i know, people that i merely saw, often or not that often, and on blunt personal experience, i began thinking up of a few, and will sure remember a few more as i go along.

Also remember this is not meant to offend. It's all harmless satire, more often than not

So yes. Hope you enjoy Luso's Handy Guide to Metalheads
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Oh man, all these stereotypes are killing me xD nice humor you got there. Can you do me a favor? Im quite missing a Grindcore guy. You can describe the grind guy very good via prejustices like "everything else slower than Napalm Death is Doom Metal" or something like that :)
I still listen to a ton of Nu-Metal, but I was never this dorky. Then again I also was in marching band.
Love this!
I was so this kid... still am in ways.
Bless the KoЯn.
I think the only Nu-Metal bands I enjoy are Korn and Linkin Park, and even then, I've lost much interest in either band's latest works (Korn did that thing with Skrillex and Linkin Park sounds lamer than ever). Slipknot is ok, but they can't compare to Exodus, Slayer, Testament, and Metal Church.
I agree with some of the stereotypes, but uh whatever.

I still really like quite a selection of Nu Metal.

I do agree that a large percentage of them never listen to anything more, similar to "mainstream Metal" fans.
gothica29 Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I totally have those pants ^_^
GreenHillChaos Oct 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I notice most people see Nu Metal as the stepping stone to "true" Metal music. I actually started with Metalcore and Thrash Metal and then 4 years into it, then discovered Nu Metal with Korn. Also even though a large portion of Nu Metal doesn't sound like Metal (i.e. Deftones, Linkin Park, etc, etc.) I do think there is some Nu Metal that is just as Metal as anything else. Like to me, Korn, some Slipknot, some Disturbed, and a couple other bands are Metal. But just my opinion.
Strangely, I exactly look-like this picture (except T-Shirt)...
But I listen anything except Nu-Metal (and I never listened to it) XD
And I'm not going to stop liking Metal :-p
Kanrio2 Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm a fan of a band that makes nu metal music. However, I don't look, dress, or act like this. I guess I don't count as a metalhead then? :P rvmp 
LusoSkav Sep 21, 2013  Student General Artist
in all fairness, being a fan of "a" numetal band, of all things, isn't nearly enough to qualify anyone as a metalhead
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