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first metalsucks, now metalinjection

it's just sorta frustrating cos it's a work in progress. it's not finished, by a longshot! however that does not stop people from going all "WELL METALHEAD X OR Y IS MISSING"

well no shit. this isn't finished.

goddamnit internet. dont get me wrong, i love the free publicity, but all the inherent doubt that sprouts sort gets frustrating.

anyway, if any of you are here due to those articles, feel free to ask me anytyhing, i'll do my best to answer

As the title says.

A few years ago i remember seeing this movie on tv and it's driving me crazy that i was never able to track it down or find any info on it online or anything and maybe one of you knows something about it.

Here's what i can remember from it:

It's a british movie i'm pretty sure, it might be an episode from a series but i doubt it. It's about two goth dudes that move into an old house together and all the crazy antics that ensue. They decide to paint the house completely black, walls and everything, and one of them insists on sleeping inside a coffin ontop of a blanket of dirt he procured from a graveyard. At one point they throw a party for all their goth friends, but one of the goth girls has a chav boyfriend that acts like an asshole the entire time.

And that's about it. If anyone has any info i'd appreciate it, this has been nagging me for years
first and foremost i apologize to all and any who have been trying to contact me in any way but were met with a great big wall of nothing; eventhough we have internet access, it's trough a shitty, small and painfully slow notebook, and all the life events happening just don't make it easy or appealing to spend much time online

a lot of things have transpired since the last journal; i have a lot of things i could write about but i think i'll just keep it short;

me and the missus are pretty much through. a lot of it has to do with me, but i also think we just weren't compatible enough for life together, i guess. and also, partially as a result of this i will most likely have to go back to poortugal.

i just don't know. i guess i'm not built for immigrant life, and as a result, these last couple months have been miserable. i'm pretty sure i've never felt as depressed in my life before as i have these last couple months. not that i have anything particularly good waiting for me back home, but at least i speak the language and have a pretty good idea on how things work, and i have qualifications, despite how useless the current economic climate might want to lead me to believe they are. at least i'm pretty sure i wont have to scrub fucking toilets

i don't know. i was building up a whole life and now my whole world was rocked and flipped upside down. i'm nearly 30 and i'm gonna have to start from scratch all over again.

what the hell am i doing with my life.
heeey i'm not dead. at least not yet

wow, the last journal was what... like 2 months ago? i shouldve posted this sooner, but real life has been keeping me pretty busy. finally living on your own is a very rewarding experience, albeit a very tiring and time consuming one

so yeah, me and the missus have finally moved in together into our own place, we've been here for a little over a month actually, but we just got internet like a couple of weeks ago, and we had to get both of our internet withdrawals taken care of before doing much else, so that's why i didn't really write any of this sooner

so yes. living by yourself is something else. having a whole house to decorate however you like opposite to just your room is breddy good, but moving in in the month of halloween was both a curse and blessing. Having all this cool spooky shit on sale on the very same month that you have a very limited budget due to having to buy stuff like, you know, cutlery and blankets and stuff was really a wicked temptation. buuut we budgeted really hard and still managed to buy a couple of cool halloweeny stuff. AND we got to buy and carve our very first pumpkin, which was an experience both me and the missus really yearned for since we were very young, so that was very fun and fulfilling. i might post pics later on

also, i will say that you've never really appreciated the worth of a washing machine until you've had to wash all your clothes by hand for a month and a half. jesus christ almighty, never again

so yeah, i dont think i have any much more to say for now. other than my front neighbor seems to like (among other things) metal, which is cool. i've heard him blast alestorm, slayer and other things now and then. might pop in for a doob and some vidya sometime when im feeling cheeky enough.


PS: no i didnt skip from nº 1 to nº3, i just didn't feel confortable posting the nº2 journal here on DA, so its only on FA. i'm Mitchell there, so check it out there if you're interested
So yeah. I'm still alive

As you can imagine i've been quite busy so i've been putting off making a proper journal talking about my shenanigans as i start my new life in the cold distant north

and, to be perfectly honest, this isn't that proper journal yet, since i might (or not) make a little series of journals describing my migrant experience here, and at the moment i don't really feel like it lol. this is more of a placeholder journal to just let people know the plane i was on didn't crash or that i wasn't mauled by moose or polar bears know what i was gonna end this journal right here, but i guess i do feel like rambling on a bit more. or at least making a few notes on my experience thusfar

-scandinavian airlines are sort of dicks. me and my gf had reserved seats literally months in advance but when we checked in on our flight to oslo we found out our seats had been switched around. we booked window seats for her on both flights, with me next to her, but we were put on either sides of the aisle. shit sucked, but at least on our domestic flight from oslo we sat on our booked seats. we bought SAS Plus tickets(sort of a quasi first class thing) and they at least honoured the free snacks and drinks we had the right to so we were pretty sauced for the whole journey. breddy kewl
-the alcohol prices are ridiculous, get your shit together Norway
-then again, i'm gonna make per hour on my shitty job aproximately 10 times what i would back home, so who cares if beer costs like 3 times more. on second though, keep doing whatever you're doing
-i just saw (rein?)deer out my window while doing dishes, that was cute
-literally nobody (natives, anyway) have curtains on their windows, i know you guys are protestants but that's just weird.
-tattoos seem awfully popular here. every other middle aged man seems to have some even
-the ethnic food section on the supermarket is huge and glorious. i love the shit out of asian and mexican food so that's great
-speaking of which, lots of asians and muslims considering i'm in a pretty small town. shut up, i'm an immigrant too so i can say this without it sounding racist
-apparently a huge beard, long hair, piercings and tattoos galore are an acceptable attire for a language teacher. at least when i went to enroll at the language school i got the vibe that that guy was a teacher, which is pretty cool, but now i feel like a tool for chopping most of my beard and hair off
-that's right, i was forced (kinda) to chop off most of my beard and hair cos i feared i wouldn't get a job otherwise. my hair isn't short short, i can still tie it back, but for a guy that had hair literally down to his ass, having it now just barely brush my shoulders feels.. depressing. i'm a sell-out. and i get a weird egoraptor vibe when i look in the mirror when my hair isn't tied back. my gf is forcing me to write that she still thinks i'm hot with short(er) hair though lol
-also i found out i'm not allergic to cats. i sorta thought i was, but now i'm living with two of them (and a fuckhuge inside dog) and i feel fine. one of the cats is actually lying down against me as i type this lol

anyway, i got all the rambling done i wished atm. i'll probably still do that proper introductory journal or journal series sometime in the future. im still kinda busy, so i need to work out my schedule a bit first for that to work.

first metalsucks, now metalinjection

it's just sorta frustrating cos it's a work in progress. it's not finished, by a longshot! however that does not stop people from going all "WELL METALHEAD X OR Y IS MISSING"

well no shit. this isn't finished.

goddamnit internet. dont get me wrong, i love the free publicity, but all the inherent doubt that sprouts sort gets frustrating.

anyway, if any of you are here due to those articles, feel free to ask me anytyhing, i'll do my best to answer



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