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So yeah. I'm still alive

As you can imagine i've been quite busy so i've been putting off making a proper journal talking about my shenanigans as i start my new life in the cold distant north

and, to be perfectly honest, this isn't that proper journal yet, since i might (or not) make a little series of journals describing my migrant experience here, and at the moment i don't really feel like it lol. this is more of a placeholder journal to just let people know the plane i was on didn't crash or that i wasn't mauled by moose or polar bears know what i was gonna end this journal right here, but i guess i do feel like rambling on a bit more. or at least making a few notes on my experience thusfar

-scandinavian airlines are sort of dicks. me and my gf had reserved seats literally months in advance but when we checked in on our flight to oslo we found out our seats had been switched around. we booked window seats for her on both flights, with me next to her, but we were put on either sides of the aisle. shit sucked, but at least on our domestic flight from oslo we sat on our booked seats. we bought SAS Plus tickets(sort of a quasi first class thing) and they at least honoured the free snacks and drinks we had the right to so we were pretty sauced for the whole journey. breddy kewl
-the alcohol prices are ridiculous, get your shit together Norway
-then again, i'm gonna make per hour on my shitty job aproximately 10 times what i would back home, so who cares if beer costs like 3 times more. on second though, keep doing whatever you're doing
-i just saw (rein?)deer out my window while doing dishes, that was cute
-literally nobody (natives, anyway) have curtains on their windows, i know you guys are protestants but that's just weird.
-tattoos seem awfully popular here. every other middle aged man seems to have some even
-the ethnic food section on the supermarket is huge and glorious. i love the shit out of asian and mexican food so that's great
-speaking of which, lots of asians and muslims considering i'm in a pretty small town. shut up, i'm an immigrant too so i can say this without it sounding racist
-apparently a huge beard, long hair, piercings and tattoos galore are an acceptable attire for a language teacher. at least when i went to enroll at the language school i got the vibe that that guy was a teacher, which is pretty cool, but now i feel like a tool for chopping most of my beard and hair off
-that's right, i was forced (kinda) to chop off most of my beard and hair cos i feared i wouldn't get a job otherwise. my hair isn't short short, i can still tie it back, but for a guy that had hair literally down to his ass, having it now just barely brush my shoulders feels.. depressing. i'm a sell-out. and i get a weird egoraptor vibe when i look in the mirror when my hair isn't tied back. my gf is forcing me to write that she still thinks i'm hot with short(er) hair though lol
-also i found out i'm not allergic to cats. i sorta thought i was, but now i'm living with two of them (and a fuckhuge inside dog) and i feel fine. one of the cats is actually lying down against me as i type this lol

anyway, i got all the rambling done i wished atm. i'll probably still do that proper introductory journal or journal series sometime in the future. im still kinda busy, so i need to work out my schedule a bit first for that to work.



Happy Little Boozer
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